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Questions? Call Us 813-710-9709

Helping small business
owners one funding at a time

Maximum Capital Group assists the small business community by providing working capital through alternative lending. We serve the small business community nationwide by offering a range of loan products.

We have worked with business owners in communities and industries throughout the country to help them expand their business and increase business revenue. As we are growing, so is our product line. Our customers come to us for their working capital needs. We take every opportunity to help strengthen small business owners and pride ourselves on being a resource they can trust.

Documents needed to Apply

  • 1 page application

  • 3 months business bank statements

Business loans
designed to suit all your financial needs

A recent study by Harvard Business Review concluded that 61% of business owners feel they would have a greater peace of mind with access to additional capital. Of those surveyed, another 23% of business owners say they would be able to grow their business if they had additional capital.

We can provide up to $500k in working capital with no collateral, non-secured, and with no personal guarantee. Our funding is very quick and simple so all we need to get started is a one-page application and your last three months business bank statements.

Also, our funding is not credit based - it’s based on the strength of the business and the ability to pay back it back. Because the alternative lending industry is more flexible than most commercial banks and credit unions, we can get offers in 24 hours and funding in 48–72 hours upon approval and final underwriting stipulations met.

Documents Needed to Fund

  • Driver's
  • Voided Check From Business Account
  • Business Bank
    Account Verification
  • Verification of Business


Turn Your Assets into $100,000 to $20,000,000 Working Capital


    Business owners and investors, we offer hard money, residential investment and commercial loans for purchase, fix and flip, rental and cash-out refinance with a loan minimum of $100,000.00 and up. We also offer collateral based lending for funding transactions up to the millions.


    Accounts Receivables due to your business for goods or services delivered, but not yet paid for by your customers an alternative to obtaining business working capital. The capital received can be used for any business purpose. Based on underwriting’s due diligence and your customer’s credit worthiness.


    Business owners that don’t want to use real estate to cash out their equity, and who has a business open at least six months can use its most recent three months business bank statement to receive a cash advance against its future gross sales of up to $2MM. Funding within 72 hours! 89% approval rate! Low FICO ok.


    Business owners that sell to commercial accounts on credit can use the unpaid invoices of credit worthy customers, to receive an advancement of a certain percentage of those funds in as little as 1-3 business days.


    A business owner that has a business open at least six months can use its most recent three months merchant processing statement to receive a cash advance against its future credit card sales of up to $500,000.00 80% approval rate! Low FICO ok.


    Leverage the equity in paid off equipment that you own to receive $25,000 to $2,000,000 capital. Term: up to 48 Months. Most equipment and machinery with a value of $50,000.00 qualifies. No tax returns needed (in most cases).

Industries We Serve

We also offer business and personal lines of credit, SBA, Term Loans (in specific states) just to name a few.

  • ✔ Bars
  • ✔ Clubs
  • ✔ Dealerships
  • ✔ Dentist
  • ✔Physician’s Office
  • ✔ Restaurants
  • ✔Nail Salons
  • ✔ Furniture Stores
  • ✔ Florist
  • ✔ Real Estate
  • ✔ Construction
  • ✔ Donut Shops
  • ✔ Repair Shops
  • ✔Grocery Stores
  • ✔ Convenient Stores
  • ✔ Auto repair shops
  • ✔ Paint & body
  • ✔ Transportation industries
  • ✔ Manufacturing Companies
  • And more...